Kelsey Black


One of Florida’s up and coming stars in all aspects of civil litigation, at least according to Super Lawyers, Kelsey handles this accolade with her customary modesty but will admit if pressed that she has run some of the most complex cases of commercial and transportation litigation that have touched Florida’s shores. Clients and colleagues think of Kelsey as a lynchpin litigator, because her practice has spanned many enterprise-critical areas of product liability and railroad, and she devotes lots of time to legal issues vital to small business survival. In addition, she assists individuals in bringing claims against moving companies.

First impressions do of course deceive, but they also stick around which must be why Kelsey continues to enjoy a reputation for being cool as a cucumber despite the legal scenario. Could derive from having two toddlers at home, but is still impressive. Anyway, beware the bright-eyed country girl, she doesn’t miss a thing. And yet nobody who meets Kelsey doesn’t immediately like her, as they should.

Despite Kelsey’s somewhat dorky love of the law, she’d still prefer to talk to you about her family or travel or scuba diving (in a social setting, at least). In a past life that seems like eons ago, Kelsey was a scuba instructor in the Caribbean. How the people of Florida were lucky enough to pull her back to their shores and set her free in the courtrooms is one of life’s great unknowns, but we don’t look gift horses in the mouth.