Moving Law AttorneyBeen scammed by a moving company? Call Black Law P.A. to evaluate your claim. Federal laws provide many protections to moving companies that ordinary companies do not have. Claims against moving companies are difficult to navigate without the appropriate legal expertise. The Carmack Amendment limits recovery in civil lawsuits against moving companies in most cases to actual damages, prejudgment interest and attorney’s fees.

To avoid a moving scam, research your company before hiring them! A reputable company will measure cost by pound, not cubic foot. If they use cubic feet, they likely will inefficiently pack your truck and then demand extra fees. When you hire a moving company, make sure the actual company comes to pack your truck and does not subcontract the job. Do not use a service that does not own its trucks. Read the insurance options carefully on the bill of lading – full value protection is the only way to insure your goods are actually protected. Do not sign a blank form. Read the form in its entirety before signing.

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